According to a September 2019 Bain & Co. report, revenue in the ASC market is projected to grow to $43 billion in 2021. That is a $15 billion financial opportunity for the approximately 6,000 surgery centers in the United States.

ASCs that incorporate new and complex procedures in orthopedics, spine and cardiology can strengthen their margins.  

Presented by National Medical Billing Services CEO Nader Samii, JD/MBA, and Senior Vice President of Managed Care Contracting Scott Allen.

This Webinar Addresses The Following Topics:

  • What types of procedures within orthopedics, spine and cardiology will have a dramatic impact on your bottom line?
  • What clinical safeguards should ASCs take to be prepared to perform these surgeries in their ASC?
  • What type of data should be collected and analyzed to ensure that you can effectively negotiate managed care contracts?
  • What business processes should you implement so that you can maximize the financial opportunity presented by these higher cost, higher reimbursing procedures?